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Since 1988, the experts at US Med-Disposal, Inc. have been working tirelessly to simplify the way professionals dispose of medical waste and expired medications.

Available Service

Nursing Homes

Learn why US Med-Disposal, Inc. is trusted by more Texas nursing homes when it comes to rates, customer service, and transparent billing.

Doctor and Medical Facilities

From surgical and medical waste, to sample medications and lab chemicals, we take pride in being trusted by some of the area’s best hospitals and physicians for their disposal needs.

Dental Practices

Discover how US Med-Disposal, Inc. makes prescription and medical waste disposal easy and affordable for dentists, oral surgeons, and specialty dental facilities.

Assisted Living Centers

You have enough to worry about without the added stress of phone trees and billing nightmares, therefore, we work hard to eliminate these unnecessary hassles.

Funeral Homes

When your funeral home needs timely, professional waste disposal while using environmentally friendly methods, US Med-Disposal, Inc. is the one and only company you can trust.

Veterinary Offices

We offer affordable rates and fast, efficient disposal of medical waste and medications for Veterinarians throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as the entire state of Texas.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a well-established facility, US Med-Disposal, Inc. has built a foundation of exemplary service in Texas since 1988. Call us today to learn how we’re changing the way professionals dispose of their medical waste and expired pharmaceuticals.

Taking the Stress and Redundancy Out of Medical Waste Disposal

After thirty years of providing professional RX and medical waste disposal services, we’ve seen first-hand how unnecessarily complex and frustrating most companies make the process. From phone trees and long hold times, to billing disasters and complicated contracts, disposing of expired medications and medical waste shouldn’t be this stressful. By offering truly local service that’s fast, friendly, and responsive, we at US Med-Disposal, Inc. invite you to discover why we’re trusted by more professionals in the DFW area and throughout Texas every day.

To learn more about what makes us different, including our streamlined customer service and environmentally sustainable practices, call US Med-Disposal, Inc. today at 903-675-1583.

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