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Whether it’s medical waste materials or expired pharmaceuticals, keeping disposal costs low with no interruptions is vital when you’re running an assisted living center. Sadly, this often comes at the expense of complicated contracts, outsourced customer support, and a wide range of other concerns.  At US Med-Disposal, Inc., we understand the frustration you face and have built our company to make these key services streamlined, stress-free, and significantly more affordable.

Stress-free, Affordable Medical Waste Disposal for Assisted Living Centers

In addition to the convenience of dedicated local customer service that’s responsive and genuinely helpful, US Med-Disposal, Inc. offers unmatched rates, larger boxes, and flexible billing to match your facility’s needs.

  • Affordable and environmentally-friendly medical waste disposal services
  • Responsive local service with rates that average 50% less than major competitors
  • The oldest and most well-established medical disposal company in Texas
  • We offer very flexible contact options without the hidden fees or surcharges
  • Our medical waste disposal boxes are 30% larger to keep you more efficient
  • Speak to the same person whenever you call, no phone-trees, or excessive hold time

Discover Why We’re Trusted Among Assisted Living Facilities in Texas

Since helping our first customer back in 1988, US Med-Disposal Inc has been working hard to simplify the way assisted living centers manage their medical waste removal needs. It shouldn’t take up hours from your day, and the add-on fees are completely out of control. We invite you to learn why so many have made the switch and never looked back.

For additional information on what makes US Med-Disposal, Inc. different, or to start your free quote on removal of expired medications or medical waste, give us a call. We can be reached locally at 903-675-1583 or toll-free at 800-256-4794.

To learn more about what makes us different, including our streamlined customer service and environmentally sustainable practices, call US Med-Disposal, Inc. today at 903-675-1583.

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