Opening your first private medical practice is something many dream of and few accomplish.  With it, however, comes a long list of startup essentials that must be done long before your first patient walks through your door.  For new doctors, dentists and other health professionals, medical waste removal and Rx disposal services continue to provide no shortage of headaches.  Finding the right company early in the process can significantly reduce the already high stress levels of those going into private practice.

Before you rush to sign a contract with one of the medical disposal conglomerates, here are some things to remain mindful of based on what countless others have gone through.

Do They Offer Local Customer Service and Support?

One of the biggest complaints about some of the lager med waste disposal companies is that the telephone “sales” experience varies greatly from the telephone “customer service” experience.  One always seems to be conducted close to home, while the other frequently results in you or your staff speaking to someone on the other side of planet Earth. This can cause an endless stream of communication challenges that need no explanation, often resulting in long hold times, phone trees, statement errors and more.

Ask your sales rep if they outsource their customer service calls, and whether or not they assign dedicated, local-based account reps.  Do a test run, even. Call their service toll-free line and see how it differs from calls made to their sales department. Going with a smaller company all but eliminates this, as you traditionally find yourself working with the same person for most service related calls.

Fees, Contact Structure and Unexpected Charges

We’ve been doing this a long time, and the billing horror stories we’ve heard are beyond explanation.  Some of the more globally-inspired medical/Rx removal companies appear to have spent many hours looking for ways to loophole their clients into fees and upcharges that take them totally by surprise.  Often it’s something as simple as making slight changes to your schedule, requesting a duplicate statement or adding/dropping a service.

If you’re new to this, be sure to read your contract thoroughly, with your attorney if necessary, to make sure that you understand and are fully aware of fees and charges that mysteriously never seem to get mentioned during the sales phase.

Learn More About Choosing the Right Medical & Rx Disposal Service

At US Med Disposal in Texas, this was one of our core motivations for implementing stress-free, adjustable contracts that are simple and straightforward, backed by customer service that is truly localized.  We’ve seen the insanity that others have been forced to deal with, and we continue to work hard to simplify the process.

If you’re in the process of opening your first private medical practice and still in the dark on where to go for Rx, bio and waste disposal services, we can help.  Feel free to get in touch with US Med Disposal at 903-675-1583 in the Texas area, or toll-free by calling 800-256-4794.  You can also write to us through our contact page.