Regardless of whether you’re a physician, an assisted living center or other type of health professional, it’s imperative that your medical and bio waste removal needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Unfortunately, as far too many already know, lackluster service and hidden fees have become the norm among many in the industry. Excessive phone trees and long hold times, along with ridiculous charges that seem made up on the spot, only complicate the process while cutting into your time and bottom line.

Here are a few of the key characteristics to look for when choosing a company to handle your medical, pharmaceutical or biohazard waste removal services.

Responsive, Local Customer Service

Waste Removal ServicesWhen you’re trying to schedule a pickup, get answers about an invoice or any other customer service related inquiry, the last thing you need is to be transferred a dozen times, only to end up speaking with someone 8,000 miles away.  Always choose a medical waste pickup service that’s close to you, to ensure more rapid and personable service.  US Med-Disposal Inc., for example, is based just outside Dallas and very popular with customers throughout Texas.

Proven Experience in a Wide Range of Waste Materials

Some medical/bio waste removal companies only offer a limited amount of services, and just as many are new to the industry and essentially learning on the job.  When looking for a company to handle removal of pharmaceuticals, needles, biohazard materials and medical waste, make sure they’ve been around a while, and that others are happy with their services. US Med-Disposal is the oldest TX medical waste removal company, and has a 30 year history of proven customer satisfaction.

Save 30-50% on Medical & Bio Waste Removal in Texas

If you’ve come to the realization that medical waste services have gotten too expensive and far too unreliable, maybe it’s time for a change.  US Med-Disposal is based in Texas, and clients always deal with the same dedicated account representative. No phone frustration, no overseas customer service transfers, and equally important, no sneaky, unexpected upcharges.

To learn more about how you can improve the quality of your Rx and bio waste disposal services, while saving as much as 50%, call US Med-Disposal today at 903-675-1583 in the Dallas area, or toll-free at 800-256-4794.