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Since 1988, US Med-Disposal, Inc. has consistently worked to simplify the way oral surgeons and dental centers dispose of medical waste. And we’ve achieved this by implementing a system built on local Texas-based customer service, streamlined account management, and substantially reduced rates. When you call us, you can count on speaking with the same individual every time.  As for the never-ending surcharges and hidden fees imposed by others, our straightforward billing makes them a thing of the distant past.

We Make Medical Waste Removal More Reliable & Affordable for Texas Dentists

Whether you’re a small community dentist or a large dental facility, you can trust US Med-Disposal, Inc. to provide consistently low rates, expedited services, and flexible contracts designed around your needs.

  • Our customers save close to 50% when switching from major competitors
  • Very convenient and flexible contracts/terms with no hidden fees or surcharge
  • The most trusted and well-established Texas medical waste disposal company
  • We despise phone trees and all of our accounts have dedicated local customer service representatives
  • Efficient practices that are safe, reliable, and environmentally-sustainable
  • Providing superior-grade medical waste disposal boxes 30% larger than all other competitors

Efficient & Economical Medical Waste Removal Services for Dental Facilities

There’s a reason why our dental waste disposal services are so popular throughout the state of Texas. By offering the unique combination of Dallas-based customer support, simplified account management, and rates that are on average half of our competitors, it’s no surprise that so many dental professionals have made the switch.

Get in touch with US Med-Disposal, Inc. at your convenience, we’ll be happy to answer your questions, start a free quote or assist with your staff with more specific inquiries. We can be reached locally at 903-675-1583 or toll-free by calling 800-256-4794.

To learn more about what makes us different, including our streamlined customer service and environmentally sustainable practices, call US Med-Disposal, Inc. today at 903-675-1583.

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