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The medical and pharmaceutical disposal needs of todays’ busy nursing homes are as unique as they are consistent. Unfortunately, some of the industry’s larger disposal companies have found ways to capitalize on that, while making the process far more complex than it should ever be. Like you, we don’t see the integrity in things like hidden surcharges, phone-tree nightmares and deliberately complicated billing practices.

Superior Medical Waste Disposal Services for Texas Nursing Homes

At US Med-Disposal, Inc. we’ve been serving the state of Texas since 1988, with a reputation of providing the best rates, highly-responsive customer service, and flexible, straightforward contracts built around your exact needs.

  • Environmentally-friendly medical waste disposal that’s affordable and local
  • We’re the oldest, most well-established medical disposal company in Texas
  • Our rates average approximately 50% less than major medical disposal companies
  • We offer among the industry’s most flexible contracts, with no surprise or hidden fees
  • More efficient and cost-saving, with medical disposal boxes that are 30% bigger
  • Dedicated local account representatives with no phone trees where you will always talk to the same person each time you call

Learn How Much You Could Save on Medical Waste Disposal Services

If you or your staff have had it with the excuses, the long hold-times, and the surprise fees, we invite you to discover why US Med-Disposal, Inc. is trusted by more nursing homes and long-term care facilities throughout Texas. You’ll always speak with someone local, and we always go to exceptional lengths to provide the customer service that’s unparalleled to anything in the industry.

For more detailed information on our services or to start your free quote, give us a call at 903-675-1583 in Texas or toll-free at 800-256-4794.

To learn more about what makes us different, including our streamlined customer service and environmentally sustainable practices, call US Med-Disposal, Inc. today at 903-675-1583.

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