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Running a successful veterinary clinic requires that all moving parts be in working order, and the last thing you need is the added stress and customer service challenges when it comes to disposing of medical waste. At US Med-Disposal Inc we understand how complex some companies make the process, and since 1988 we’ve been working hard to make things more streamlined, affordable and closer to home.

Affordable Medical Waste Disposal for Texas Veterinarians

Whether you’re a new office or an existing Veterinarian who’s grown tired of the runaround and lackluster support, we take pride in offering genuinely local service, no phone trees, and flexible contracts built around your needs.

  • Offering affordable medical waste disposal for Veterinarians throughout Texas
  • We save customers an average of 50% compared to major competitors
  • Established in 1988 and one of the most reliable Texas medical disposal companies
  • Very flexible contracts and account terms with absolutely NO hidden fees
  • Our medical disposal boxes are 30% larger than others throughout the industry
  • Unmatched local customer service where you will always talk to the same representative every time you call

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Over the past three decades we’ve seen all of the same customer service nightmares you have, and we’ve built our business accordingly, as a means of making sure you never have to deal with it again.  You’ll speak to the same representative each time you call, there will never be any hidden charges on your bill, and our contracts can be uniquely tailored to your needs for added ease and convenience.

To learn why more Veterinarians trust our services, call US Med-Disposal, Inc. to get a risk-free quote at 903-675-1583 locally in Texas, or toll-free at 800-256-4794.

To learn more about what makes us different, including our streamlined customer service and environmentally sustainable practices, call US Med-Disposal, Inc. today at 903-675-1583.

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